Before and even more so after the recent economic crisis approaching 10 years in existence, municipalities throughout Florida more than ever before found themselves citing property owners for violations and mounting fines.  Many of these fines transferred to lenders and servicers upon transfer of ownership from foreclosed borrowers and also were assessed to individuals who remain on the property or had the fines follow them to other properties they owned.  Our firm has vast experience in mitigating and eliminating these fines through code enforcement board and litigation measures representing individuals and corporate owners.

Local governments throughout Florida use code enforcement officers to implement building codes, safety rules, regulations, and laws related to homes, small businesses, commercial and industrial buildings and properties.

The code compliance department monitors violations that can involve non permitted construction, illegally parked vehicles and structures, or even overgrown trees and vegetation. Each city has its own set of regulations enforced by their own code enforcement department.


After being charged with a code violation, it is important to understand that there is an extremely short time frame for filing an appeal of a code enforcement order. An appeal must be filed within 30 days of the execution of the order to be appealed. If an appeal is not filed within the 30-day time frame, the property owner’s right to appeal a code enforcement order is lost forever.


There are many types of code violations you might encounter as a property owner in South Florida. Below are some of the most common code enforcement violations:

  • Abandoned and Unused Vehicles.

  • Building too close to property lines and ignoring the mandatory minimum setbacks from property lines.

  • Building without a permit.

  • Overgrown lots, junk in yards, vacant and unsecured properties.

  • Operating a business in a residential zone.

  • Illegal Units or Expansion.

  • Illegal Dumping and other Solid Waste Issues.