From premises liability and employment practices litigation to workers compensation immunity defenses, construction defects and slip and falls, our firm can represent the interests of insurance carriers, individuals and corporations in these matters throughout Florida. 

Our clients include national restaurant chains, retail chains, waste management providers, national insurance carriers providing us with a wide range of experience across various industries.  Brand protection, media exposure, financial pitfalls, e-discovery and decades old strategies from Plaintiff attorneys aimed at increasing values to their cases by merely increasing the exposure of defense costs are all, amongst other concerns, addressed in our file handling procedures.  Partners provide dedicated office hours, like a college professor, often times outside of normal working hours, to work with other partners and team members and collaborate on matters they are handling.  Using the experiences of one another to drive better results for our firm clients.

When someone files suit our firm has the experience to handle these matters through trial and aggressively work to obtain the most favorable outcome for our clients with ongoing status and reporting requirements set by the firm that are not just compliant with client guidelines but engrained to be exceeded by our team.  When it comes to going to court a firm must always presume a trial is the end game and act accordingly while being cognizant throughout that only a small fraction make it there meaning over 98% of cases settle or end up dismissed.  Our aggressive approach to defense and team of paralegals providing support are experienced and proficient in our office technologies making us the right choice for the defense of any civil liability defense matter in Florida.