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Workers' Compensation Defense

Miami Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys

Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Defense in Florida 

Almazan Law provides comprehensive litigation defense and file management for all types of workers’ compensation matters. From file assignment to settlement or a dispositive final merit hearing, our firm is aggressive when it comes to resolving workers’ compensation matters. We offer cost-effective solutions with an eye on our clients’ bottom lines throughout the handling of their files. With state-of-the-art systems, cloud-based platforms, remote technologies, and alternatives to traditional hourly billing, our Miami workers’ compensation defense attorneys and experienced paralegals strive to provide a high level of client service and support. 

Top Workers’ Compensation Defense Team in Miami

Our firm can handle clients’ needs in all 17 jurisdictions in Florida. From our office in Miami, we offer virtual legal services in Tampa, Palm Beach, and all of the surrounding areas. We prioritize client convenience and work diligently to achieve favorable resolutions with minimal disruption. Though we often successfully resolve disputes and related matters through arbitration, we are fully prepared to litigate these cases and can represent your best interests in the courtroom using cutting-edge legal technologies and a collaborative, team-based approach.

To learn more, including how our team can assist you with your workers’ compensation defense matter, please contact us at (305) 665-6681 for a complimentary consultation with our workers comp lawyer in Miami. 

Understanding Recent Changes in Florida Workers’ Compensation Laws

The workers’ compensation system in Florida has seen many changes in recent years. Our staff has seen firsthand the impact of these legislative changes, as well as the ever-evolving case law that interprets them. This in-depth understanding of the law and its evolution affords us a unique insight into workers’ compensation issues and allows us to effectively navigate an array of related workers’ compensation defense issues on behalf of our clients.

Led by Senior Partners Kay Dodd Anderson and Mark Edwards, who together bring more than 40 years of combined defense experience, our Miami workers’ compensation defense attorneys have implemented policies and guidelines to provide feedback to our clients on closure rates, handling procedures, and billing costs. We leverage advanced, cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, decrease outstanding days on open matters, aggressively move against those who aim to defraud, and take care of injured workers who are truly in need of necessary care and benefits to return to gainful employment.

Strategic Defenses Against Workers’ Compensation Claims in Florida

An affirmative defense utilizes specific arguments and/or facts to overcome a plaintiff’s claim (or claim by the prosecution, in criminal proceedings), even if the plaintiff’s allegations within the claim are true. Affirmative defenses are frequently used in workers’ compensation defense. 

Some examples of affirmative defenses that may apply to a workers’ compensation claim in Florida include: 

  • Fraud 
  • Misrepresentation 
  • Lack of coverage
  • Statute of limitations 
  • Willful intention to self-inflict harm
  • Estoppel (contradiction of previous claims) 
  • Violation of safety rules/standards
  • Refusal to use safety equipment or appliances
  • Employee intoxication 
  • Misconduct 
  • Employee refusal of suitable employment 
  • Accord and satisfaction 
  • Waiver 

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with various affirmative defenses to workers’ compensation claims, as well as other avenues of protecting their clients’ rights. We utilize a collaborative approach to developing legal strategies, one that employs the individual experience of each attorney and the overall resources of our firm. This approach, coupled with our use of innovative legal technology, has helped us achieve numerous successes on behalf of our workers’ compensation defense clients. 


Workers’ Compensation Defense Clients We Serve 

Almazan Law represents a variety of clients, including insurance providers, in all types of workers’ compensation disputes and defense matters.

Our clients include but are not limited to: 

  • Fortune 500 companies 
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Large corporations 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance providers 

We refer to our clients as partners, and we aim to help our partners with the establishment of their own cost-control metrics by working together, understanding their needs to be efficient and our needs to be profitable. Our Miami workers’ compensation lawyers also frequently provide accredited educational seminars to make sure industry professionals are prepared for the ever-changing landscape of workers’ compensation law in Florida.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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    Nicole Rodriguez
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    Jenny Gyde
  • "May I say it is a pleasure dealing with you and your company so far.  You are so much better than many of the large corporate entities I have to deal with.  Keep it up and have a good day."
    Mark Lentz
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