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Focus Area: Force Majeure


During this unprecedented time in American history, we all are thinking about the impact COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) will have on our lives both personally and professionally. As we start to get confirmations across the country that our children won’t be going back to finish the school year and daycares and grandparents unable to care for children while parents go back to normal working hours, other complications also lie ahead.  Reductions in income and revenues for businesses, slow opening of many industries, significant drops in travel and many people looking to stay home and save more than ever before, the law and the rule of law will be at the forefront of decisions by all of us.  Almazan Law aims to help with a new blog and weekly newsletter addressing matters of concern as we hear from clients and friends that tell us their stories.

For starters, we will have this blog with consistent additions of content curated from our own research and the feedback we hear from people across our social media and online platforms or simply by calls and emails we receive. Our firm will be spearheading a webinar series addressing concerns with business owners, mental health and wellness professionals, and other professionals aimed to answer questions and provide much-needed information and perspective from others who are struggling and thriving.

Our firm has spent the past month combing federal and state court cases and the history of Force Majeure provisions in contracts and agreements across all industries as those two words become more prevalent than ever before. We have already helped various clients address this topic as it applies to various issues they now face. We have added information onto our webpage on Force Majeure and how that will impact your business and personal dealings. We will continue to update that information and provide added information through our new webinar series and across our social media platforms.

We are here to help and have seamlessly transitioned to remote work with the prospect of socially distanced and responsible easing of returning to work options for our team as the CDC and the local government allows.  The safety of our team members is paramount and our commitment to our clients, new and old, during this time is unwavering.  We hope you find our information helpful and ask that you comment and provide us with feedback so we can use that to get better.

All the best and God Bless,

Alex Almazan, Esq.
Managing Shareholder
Almazan Law