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Team Highlight: Sonia Garcia


This member of our team plays such an essential to the firm’s daily operations and continuous expansion of our team. Sonia Garcia has served as the office manager of Almazan Law since July of 2015.  Since her arrival, her role has been instrumental in organizing, leading and structuring daily operations. Her contributions have amounted to the firm successfully tripling in staff and growing legal traction in the South Florida area. Sonia is the mother of three amazing adult children; her oldest daughter is practicing law in our Nation’s capital, her middle child is being admitted to law school at University of Florida, and her youngest is currently finishing up her undergraduate studies.

Clearly - the apple does not fall far from the tree, considering Sonia’s work ethic, ability to multitask and glowing spirit! Sonia is such a deserving, essential member of our staff and deserves recognition for her dedication, spirit and wisdom. Anywhere on the spectrum, from helping with a quick office task, to handling client relations, finances and communications, she is truly the backbone of our office environment!

sonia and her family